Guiding the UK into a brighter, greener future.

With climate change and energy prices increasing, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more relevant.

Pure energy from the sun.
Solar power is the key to a clean energy future.

At Solis Energy Solutions we are expert installers of renewable technologies at all levels. We install solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging points. We can also integrate these technologies together for your property so, if you want to charge your electric vehicle, or store the energy you produce; we can find the solution that’s right for you.

Technology of
tomorrow - today.
For everyone.

Make a change. Viable energy all year round.
Give back to the environment that gives to you.

“We at Solis Energy Solutions are committed to providing you with an honest, practical and professional service.”

William Fox, Director

The benefits of generating your own power.


Limitless Energy

Solar power is a limitless renewable energy source that doesn’t release harmful gases into the atmosphere.



Real cost savings as you will produce your very own electricity with little to no maintenance.



Safer, greener, renewable energy.

The sun is always shining in our world.

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